Chapter 2 My Children

This isnt a long post.I just want to let you all know today my kids (4 of them, not 5) will see an electrophysiologist in one of the greatest children’s hospitals in the world. They are seeing a HIGHLY recommended EP. I doubt I will find anything out today unless one of their EKGs is abnormal. Most children have a normal EKG even if they have Brugada because its a defect that manifests later in life for the most part. There is always exceptions though. Alot of their diagnosis will come from genetic testing because my test is positive. Unfortunately it takes 6 weeks. I shoukd know more later than sooner.None the less, I will update you all later on what this well known doctor has to say about my 4 youngest. Talk soon!

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  1. carla
    May 01, 2013 @ 13:09:04

    Auguri Alicia per i tuoi bambini… prego e spero siano sani. grazie all’indirizzo mail del dott Brugada che hai fornito, ho mandato una mail per raccontare la nostra storia.
    A presto . Un abbraccio forte a te e ai tuoi bambini. Pace e amore.


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