Newly diagnosed?

If you are new to Brugada Syndrome and new to my blog, the easiest way to read about my diagnosis and surgery is to read the ‘4 part series’, which the links are listed below. Also, many are curious about my father, Robert. He has his own page dedicated to him at the top of my blog, the story of his death and a memorial page linked to SADS. It says ‘In Memory.’ The VERY first post on my blog about me, before I wrote my series, can be read here and Im sure most of you can relate.

4 part series:

Guilty As Charged is the 1st part of my series about being diagnosed with Brugada. You can find it here

The Way of the Cross is part 2 about the time period between being diagnosed and waiting for surgery for my ICD which was not easy.You can read it here

Calvary is part 3 and is about the actual day of getting my ICD. Find it here

Risen is the last part of the series and is a short post about initial recovery of my ICD implantation. It is here

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