A Different Perspective

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I wrote a post! But the reason for that is it is not healthy for me to think and write about Brugada Syndrome everyday. As it is not healthy for you to read about it everyday either. But once in while I have something new to say or vent about, even if not often. And today I was thinking about how busy I have been. That is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing. Im back in college getting a certificate in Genealogical Research, one of my favorite hobbies! And I am also back in the equestrian world riding horses and tossing around the idea of getting my own horse. Anyhow, this gave me an idea for a new post.Let’s have different perspective, even if it’s only for a month, a week, a day…what can we do now that we have a second lease on life? We tend to talk about what we CANT do with Brugada. But those of us who were lucky enough to be diagnosed, for lack of a better term, get to live. Life has been renewed. We have our treatment and defibrillators and life goes on. Has it stopped for you? Has life just ended and now you are afraid to do anything? Look at it this way, would you lease a new car and never drive it? Why pay for it to sit in your driveway? Why have it if you won’t drive your car? Well why get an ICD if we just sit around and worry about negative things? This is a hard concept, I know. And one that changes daily. And that is normal,believe me. One day we are on top of the world and living life. The next day we are hidden away in our rooms full of fear.Thats okay!! As long as we don’t let it happen every single day. Be sure to LIVE in your Brugada journey. The diagnosis, although it seems like a death sentence, actually saves lives. After all my father would be here if he knew he had it right? So let’s try to look at this all with a new perspective! Tell me what you will do now that you know your are protected with your defibrillator. Are you in sports? What hobbies do you have? Have any vacations coming up? What about little things you can do daily to bring some sunshine back into the picture. I love my genealogy, horses, I garden, I love learning several languages (right now I study Italian and German).I ride my bike, walk my dogs, play with my kids. All sorts of stuff. What can you start today, even if it’s little, to live your life? I encourage you all to do it. Share your ideas and plans with me as it lifts everyone up! You can even email me if you want as that seems to be everyone’s preferred method because privacy. I just like to hear the success stories of people who are not beaten down and broken from Brugada Syndrome. I’m not!