Happy Holidays

Hi everyone! I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday in advance! I will be enjoying the holidays and will be disconnecting for a little while. I hate to bog myself down worrying about Brugada during this very special time of year.Rest assured, I will check all my messages, emails and comments at the New Year.I will answer everyone as soon as possible the first week of January! I just wanted you all to know Im taking a little break so you don’t think Im ignoring you. I will be in touch after New Years! Stay, safe, healthy and well!


Donate to SADS in my father’s memory…

I wanted to share something special with you that I just created. It is a Memoriam Fund in honor of my father where you can donate money directly to SADS (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes) Foundation for research and support for Brugada Syndrome. If you ever wanted to donate a little something to SADS I would REALLY appreciate it if you do it through my fathers fund. I don’t get a single cent. Nothing goes to me, I promise. Its all for SADS. Its just a way for you to see his face, read a little story and do something that would give me such joy at Christmas. Not only does it give me joy that money is well spent but it makes me happy to know many will think of my father at Christmas time. If you cant get directly to his fund you can find him on page 5, Robert De Filippis. Go to Online Community on the right and click on In Memoriam DONATE IN HIS HONOR NOW

Possible support group in NY/NJ area…

There MAY be a possibility that a support group will start in NJ/NY via SADS (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes). Of course we would need enough people in the area to participate to get something going. How many of my readers are in this area and would be interested? You can message me on Facebook,email me at brugadagirl@yahoo.com or comment here. Please pick from one of the 3 options about which one you prefer A) A larger public support group B) A smaller setting like one on one for coffee or lunch C) Support groups aren’t something you are interested in