Donation and Database for Dr Brugada

I just wanted to share 2 links with you that I found on the official web page for Brugada

The first is a way to donate money directly to the Brugada brothers. Any heart association takes donations for heart defects and arrhythmia’s but you cant be certain how much money actually goes to Brugada research. Other companies or charities might take your money for Brugada and not ALL the money goes where you want it too. If your very eager to donate and help find a cure or further research than your best bet is to donate money directly to Dr Brugada. Please follow the link:

Click to access donation.pdf

If you are a Brugada patient or have a child who has Brugada , please provide your information to Dr Brugada. He compiles an international database of all Brugada patients. He wants to know about you, your case, what type you are, age, your story, etc. I even sent him copies of my EKG to have on file. By doing this you are contributing to research. Please use the following link which provides Dr Ramon Brugada’s email. I have personally emailed him several times and he always answered my questions. He also told me himself he likes to know about new cases

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan O'Hara
    May 03, 2013 @ 20:38:29

    When you send him the results of testing, does he email you back? I emailed him with my son’s DNA report but I have not heard back from him yet.


    • aliciatburns
      May 04, 2013 @ 10:44:14

      Sometimes I have to send him the same thing a few times before I get an answer. He must get a ton of emails a day and some might get lost. I would try again. He is always good with answering emails 🙂


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