2022 update

Its been so long since I checked in I thought I would write a quick post. Especially for the newcomers to my blog. Or what I prefer to call my diary. I am not on social media. I try to stay as anonymous as possible. I didnt start this blog back in 2013 to become famous or go viral. I started it as a devout Catholic offering help and care to people who need it when newly diagnosed. I typed up my “diary” so everyone understood they are not alone and their feelings are normal. That was my sole purpose. Is my sole purpose.I dont write here regularly because, as I said, Im not aiming to be popular. Nor should I (or you!) concentrate on Brugada day in and day out. Its not mentally healthy. Many dont even know my full name or what I look like lol. I can be reached here and through email. Yes, its 2022, the age of technology, but I prefer to be a little old fashioned and a bit anonymous 🙂 If you need me, email me at BrugadaGirl@yahoo.com.

Side note, and worth mentioning. I welcomed baby number 7 into the world in 2020. And guess what? My ICD malfunctioned while pregnant. I had to undergo surgery during pregnancy. Very risky indeed. But I did it! And me and baby turned out just fine. How many electrophysiologists can say they put a new ICD in a pregnant Brugada patient? Maybe Im the first ?! Also, no cardiac arrest yet. Nothing eventful besides a crummy, malfunctioning ICD.

Anyhow, just saying hello, God bless and reach out if need be!