Night Time Phantoms

I have talked to so many people who tell me they have the same problem as me; symptoms at night that are very uncomfortable and bothersome yet never show their face on any type of monitoring. What is this? Brugada can effect you any time of day but over all its a ‘night’ problem. It wreaks havoc on your sleep, commonly causing cardiac arrest in your sleep. For years and years Ive told my cardiologist when I’m trying to fall asleep and once I’m asleep, I get palpitations, fluttering, breathlessness. My heart literally wakes me out of my sleep. It feels like its moving around in my chest. Pounding, thumping, skipping, twirling, quivering. The doctor has put me on holter monitors and ECAT monitors (more effective technology) and NOTHING shows up but stray PVCs here and there. He feels its unrelated. Many people I talked to claim they feel this and also nothing shows up on a monitor for them either. We know what we are feeling! Its not in our minds or psychological because it wakes us up! So what is it? Why wont it show up? I have no answers to this question. And neither do most doctors. Many claim its probably underlying anxiety. In a way it makes sense because how could you NOT have anxiety when you have Brugada? But how can it bother me then when Im sleeping and my mind is turned off? Several times a week I battle with my heart until the wee hours of the night…awake, asleep, thumping, stirring, cant breathe, fluttering. What the hell is it? I wish I can get an answer. I wish it would show up on a monitor. All I can guess is it is something happening in the heart, an activity happening, that somehow doesnt alter your rhythm or heart rate, there fore its a ghost on all monitors. Does anyone else suffer from these phantom symptoms at night that are never revealed on any testing?

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  1. Mikie
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 14:44:57

    It happens to me too during the quiet times. Reminds me of my son when I was pregnant…he would be the most active at night or when I was just chilling.


  2. Anonymous
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 14:08:36

    I know what you mean, I have the same thing happening and it won’t show!


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