A Poem from the Heart

This is a poem written by me when I was diagnosed. I put the conversation between myself and the electrophysiologist in a poem

Brugada Girl ™

You are positive for Brugada he said with regret one gray day
How you know and love life now, I promise, is how it will stay
I dont believe you and looked on with teary disbelief
Do you think its as simple as turning over a new leaf
This morning I was healthy and now betrayed by my own heart
You say just walk out with the “news” and make a new start?
Yesterday was full of hope and today life has changed forever
But this little computer will guard your life because its ever so clever
I dont want this, didnt ask for it, cant you make it go away
You were born with this, a flaw, a mutation within your DNA
No medicines, no cures, no vitamins to keep me safe and alive
No but you can dance, ride your horses, go to the gym, and drive

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