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Being Im depressed and in a state of shock and anger and in disbelief, I will keep this short. 2 of my 5 kids have Brugada. My 4 year old and 17 year old have it.I dont want to hear that Im lucky they dont all have it because it hurts just as bad to know ANY of them have it. Ill post more when I calm down. I also found out my mothers test is negative confirming my father DID die of Brugada at only 55 of cardiac arrest.He died so we can live…

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  1. carla di giorgio
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 09:31:23

    mi dispiace tanto ….. ho pregato per voi e ancora lo faro’….. posso capire con tutto il mio povero cuore quello che provi… lo sai, il mio bambino di 12 anni ha impianto di icd per sindrome di brugada piu’ una nuova mutazione attualmente sconosciuta. I medici pensano sia io che gli ho dato questa terribile eredita’ , mi hanno fatto il prelievo per la genetica … non so come finira’ , so solo che mi sento morire ogni giorno. Ti prego Alicia, se hai bisogno di informazioni per i bambini, per sapere …. se vuoi parlare con me, se posso esserti di aiuto… sono qui. abbraccio te e tutti i tuoi angeli… un bacio da me e il mio bambino. CARLA.


  2. Erica Haak
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 17:52:45

    Oh, gosh. I agree wholeheartedly – there’s no ‘lucky you’ in this instance – I know just knowing ONE child having it is enough 😦 I have been laying in bed for the last hour wondering how I will react if I find out more of our children have inherited it… I think we are very similar; I think I will react just like you. BUT knowing you (only from your blogs), I believe we are also similar in that’ve have the strength to do this. WE CAN DO THIS. Our God empowers us to be able to; He has not given us ANYTHING that we can’t handle. This initial shock will subside and you will find an inner strength that you have never known. You will cover your kids in prayer and be a force to be reckoned with – you will do what it takes to see them get all the care – the BEST care – they require, and you won’t rest until you know they are safe. You will become a mum that you never thought you could be – this truly does release the mother bear in a woman!!

    Love and prayers to you and your precious family xxx


  3. chris
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 17:17:51

    I’m very Sorry to hear 2 it your kiddos have it. You know id never want or say anything hurtful or mean, you’ve been a great friend to have through My ordeal.
    So My 2 cents is at least you guys know now and can take the preventative action to make sure they will be around for years to come. I would be devastated of any of My 4 had it. But is have ICDs going asap. God is good, he will he’ll help you guys through it.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


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