Brugada and sleep/rest

There is a definite link between a Brugada event happening during sleep and rest. Ive read so many articles that said its been called the “sleeping death”. Not that Im encouraging insomnia or for people to stay up all night but I had a thought.As I talk to more people, so many say they had a loved one who died during sleep or a nap. Many, many people!And even my doctor told me stay as active as I can because its REST that brings on Brs events. So that gives no excuse to sit around afraid. Being active can save you. Anyhow, of course this brings me back to my fathers death and the mystery of it. As youve read, he was mowing the lawn. Some say it could have been a heart attack, some say he might have felt something that made him sit in the chair he was found dead in. But I thought of something today…whose to say he wasnt taking a nap? I know my father. He worked VERY hard and napped often. Sometimes in the most odd places and could fall asleep in seconds.I always admired that about him…he can fall asleep like a narcoleptic! Not me! So my family and I assumed he was mowing the lawn, felt pain, or dizziness or fluttering and sat down and died. But maybe, being he worked the night before (he started his day at 2 AM) by time he was mowing the lawn he was just tired. Maybe mowing the lawn had nothing to do with it AT ALL! Maybe he mowed a couple of strips of grass, sat down for a rest or a little nap after being up all night and day and THAT triggered Brugada. My step mother who found him always said “he looked like he was taking a nap” meaning how peaceful he looked and his positioning. Maybe he REALLY was asleep and napping like he always did. I can go around and around with it and will never know. Its just a thought…

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  1. Anonymous
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:16:41

    There is a relationship between sleep apnea and Brugada syndrome. Seems that agonal type breathing may be a sign of Brugada.


    • Jung
      May 21, 2013 @ 12:54:27

      I was just thinking of that! I recently got diagnosed with sleep apnea. I guess when you have it and are sleeping, your body is not getting enough oxygen. So, your heart begins to race..


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