Hidden in the Shadows

Im at 659 views from 15 countries. Its amazing to me that my blog has gotten so much attention. I am privy to the statistics but no one else can see them. But rest assured there are people out there benefitting from it and that means the world to me.Most of my followers chose to remain silent with their stories and tell them to me privately through messaging on Facebook. That is fine by me and totally understandable. I can understand that for some people its a depressing subject, they dont want the world to know, they dont want to talk about the death of a loved one. I completely understand and respect this. Not alot of people are as outspoken as me. Im actually very private and dont like anyone knowing my business but with this I just have to speak out, if not for me then at least my kids. If people comment here, it will be visible for anyone that comes here. So that kind of publicity may not be what people want. And so far, I can see that most dont like it. They have turned to messaging me on Facebook and its wonderful. I look forward to waking up and see who is messaging me with their story. I would never share the details with the public and betray someones trust. Im just touched that perfect strangers have chosen to contact me just to talk. Some people are just looking for some information, some are telling me that I give them hope and others tell me that my blog has actually made them cry and they feel like Im speaking for them because they can never do what I do. Im so honored to be trusted, that Im reaching out, that people are turning to me for comfort, solace, faith, hope and kind words. Thats my whole purpose.So to all my silent friends, or should I say private friends and followers, please feel free to message me whenever the need arises and Ill be sure to answer you. My point is that there are many with Brugada out there, they are in the shadows, they come out to privately tell me their story but back into the shadows they go. That is fine, whatever makes a person comfortable. But lets not forget when we pray, that there ARE people in the shadows that we cant forget about…

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