My featured interview with EP Lab Digest 

I was interviewed by the magazine EP Lab Digest about Brugada Syndrome. I am so happy to share my personal experience with them and have it published. Here is the link for the article for anyone who would like to read it. Enjoy!

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  1. Robert Henderson
    Oct 02, 2016 @ 20:41:22

    I was diagnosed with brugada on Jan 20 2013 and really shocked me the diagnosis came after I had passed out after Coughing in front of my grandkids and my wife made me go to the E.R. and they did an EKG and then it was like all hell broke loose there I never had so much attention in my life for anything. I had the surgery on Jan 22 2013 and I have not been shocked yet (knock on wood). The worst part of being told was 1. I would not be able to return to the line of work I had done for 30 plus years as an Auto Mechanic as the Magnetic fields in cars could interfere with the ICD 2. I had been lifting weights for about a year and a half before that and thought i would have to stop that. Here it is 3 1/2 years later and I go to the gym about 3-5 times a week when work doesn’t get in the way and I am happy to say that it makes me feel good when a short old man (56) with an ICD and Diabetes outlifts the much bigger and younger guys. I had an echo done about 4-5 months ago and my heart is in excellent condition. I will be returning here often andhope to provide help and answers to people.


    • AliciaB
      Oct 03, 2016 @ 11:32:19

      Hi Robert! That was my father’s name! Glad you have an ICD and will be able to continue living and doing things you love. That’s very important to keep living 🙂


  2. Nikki
    Sep 01, 2016 @ 02:48:29

    . Thanks for sharing your story. Im a 30 year old Mum to 3 boys 7, 3 and 9 weeks. I have just found out on Tuesday I have inherited the Brugada gene from my Dad who had a CR a few years ago. My cariologist has recommended I get an ICD but the decision is up to me. Im feeling extremely nervous and scared not only for myself but my childeren as well. I have just started researching everything I can.


    • AliciaB
      Sep 01, 2016 @ 08:51:04

      Hi Nikki. I have been in your position. And at the time I was very scared of getting an ICD. But now, 3 years later, I take comfort in having it because I don’t have to worry about cardiac arrest without treatment and possible death. It’s there to protect us. If you go back further into my blog at around 2013 and 2014 you can see my full story


  3. DB
    Aug 08, 2016 @ 14:23:29

    Just read the feature! So nice to see someone shedding light on Brugada and the diagnostic odyssey so many patients with rare disease have to endure to get the answers they need! Great article-


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